Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What makes Made 2 Measure alterations different?

  2. Only Made 2 Measure offers “alterations by expert tailors”

    At Made 2 Measure, experts with more than ten years of fine tailoring experience do alterations. You can be confident your favorite and expensive RTWs will be expertly altered according to your specifications.

  3. Is Made 2 Measure limited only to alterations?

  4. Made 2 Measure has three core services – Alteration, Tailoring and Embroidery. With highly trained and very experienced tailors at your service, you can be assured of quality workmanship for all three types of services.

  5. Can Made 2 Measure also do uniforms?

  6. Over the years, Made 2 Measure has customized the uniforms of many top pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, hotels and universities in the country. These very satisfied companies/organizations have become regular clients because of the quality work and excellent service that Made 2 Measure provides. And because Made 2 Measure also offers embroidery, your uniforms can have a specially embroidered design or logo exclusively for your company, organization or school.

  7. If I have a preferred design, can you replicate it?

  8. If you see a design from a magazine or the web, simply show it to us and we will replicate it for you. You will not only have the same design but you will also enjoy the perfect fit.

  9. What if I don’t have a design in mind?

  10. Our master cutters with 15 to 20 years of fine tailoring experience will be on hand to recommend the cut and style that would best fit you.

This is where Made 2 Measure brings real value to discriminating and fashion conscious individuals. We offer “One-stop shop for customized clothingspecializing in ALTERATION, TAILORING AND EMBROIDERY. With M2M, you can claim a style of your own and express your individuality! Stand out and let everyone know that your wardrobe has distinctively been MADE 2 MEASURE!